Pacific Blue Marlin_FINAL

Pacific Blue Marlin_R


Dorsal fin height: reduce slightly. Keys sometime list the dorsal fin height as 1/2 to 3/4 of

body depth. This pic shows about the max of 3/4 body depth. Other keys list 2/3 body depth. 

Recommend you shorten to 2/3 of the body depth.

2. Pectoral fin on side of fish: Recommend shorten slightly, thicken middle section, make tip 


3. Body shading: Recommend decreasing the thickness of the dark blue color slightly, especially 

in the anterior area below the dorsal fin, as per attached jpg (BUM_Itano-2) and the Australian 

Billfish Guide.

4. The second dorsal fin (top toward back of fish) should end slightly behind the end of the second 

anal fin (bottom toward back of fish). The photo Itano_BUM-1 shows this pretty well. 

Also, the shape and features of these two fins should be more like the photo Itano_BUM-1. The 

rear tips of the fins could be thinner and unattached at the base. 

The length of the anal fin seems a bit long and the shape needs a bit of tweaking. See blue-
marlin-large-GrayTaxidermy.jpg as an example.

5. The representation of the two caudal keels (area at the base of the tail) is wrong as is the 

depiction of a larger, central keel or process. I suggest you use the picture in the Australian 

guide (attached to email) to better depict the caudal keel area.

6. Also, the caudal peduncle area (area connecting the body to the tail) is too thin and elongated 

for this size fish. Shorten and thicken slightly. 

7. The shape of the nape (area between eye and insertion of first dorsal fin) is a bit high and 

rounded. This is a feature for black marlin. It looks a bit bulbous and high for a blue marlin. Look 

at many pictures and you will see a more flattened or slightly rounded nape or forehead area. 

8. You might consider depicting both pelvic fins (bottom front of fish), one behind the other, if 


9. I would suggest moving the first vertical bar to begin slightly behind the insertion of the first 

dorsal fin.

10. Overall, the depth and prominence of the head seems out of proportion to the rest of the body 

that tapers steadily. Suggest either decreasing the head depth slightly or broadening the body 

depth slightly.

11. Increase the distance between the end of the first dorsal fin and the start of the second dorsal 


12. Taper out, make more regular the back portion of the second dorsal fin (see marlin_resize.jpg)

Pacific Blue Marlin