Some new oil paintings

Here are some new pieces I have been working on. Some are smallish and some are bigger. I try to keep it loose at the beginning and then tighten as I go along. A lot of fun!

IMG_0761 2.JPG

iPad Value Sketches using an Apple Pencil

Some sketches I did on the iPad using the app Procreate. I think the brush is Pastel. Very cool way to see values. What I do is split the screen of the iPad and on one side I have the grayscale photo and on the other side of the iPad screen I have the Procreate app canvas. (see below image) It's a pretty cool way to work. As for getting the correct values, I just use my eyes. I'm not using the "eyedropper tool" to get the correct value. To me, that's kind of cheating. Also, I like to keep both images (The photo and the sketch) the same size.Anyway it's a fun way to work and you don't get any charcoal on your fingers!

Fish prints for sale

Hey everyone! My fish illustrations are now prints and they look fantastic!

They are signed, limited edition posters, 13" wide by 19" tall. All artwork illustrated by Jack Hornady. Professionally printed on durable white poster stock. Please go to to see more. Thanks!

Below: Mahi Mahi, Scup, and Black Sea Bass

Below: Albacore Tuna, Yellowtail Snapper, and Gulf Mendaden

Below: Butterfish, Snowy Grouper and Vermilion Snapper

Long and Winding Road

It's been a really long time since I posted anything. Here's a painting I did of West Virginia. This road ends at Spruce Knob. A beautiful piece of heaven here on earth.

West Virginia

Here's a newish painting of my friends house in West Virginia. A beautiful spot near Spruce Knob.

Shrooms, Man!

Here are three 6"x6" oil paintings done for a friend. The Black Trumpet, Chanterelle, and the Bolete. These were a lot of fun to do and a lot more difficult than I thought. Good learning experience. Look for some more farmhouses and barns soon. Thanks!

Spruce Knob, WV_Stages

Stage 01: Here's the first stage of a new oil painting, 6"x6". It's from a photo I took in West Virginia. It's a beautiful spot. I love the color of the rocks and how they work with the colors found in the pine trees.

When painting, I like to start out really loose. I try to see everything as abstract shapes, lights and darks and really draw it out correctly. I squint my eyes a lot and step back to see if the values are accurate. I'm excited to keep working on this. Look for more stages of this painting to follow.

Stage 02: Not very different and out of focus. Sorry. More to come...

Here's Stage 03. I feel like I am getting there. It's a complicated scene, but a good challenge. Starting off with an accurate drawing is really important. More to come soon...

Here's the final. It was a challenge, but I'm glad I did it. The color is closer to the original.

Open for business

OK, it has taken me a while to get this going, but it is finally here. My store is finally open. Currently there are original oil paintings for sale, but soon I will be adding a lot of new things. Fish prints, Illustration prints, and of course a lot more original oil paintings. Check it out here and thank you.

Winter Farm

Here's the final painting. 6" x 6" oil. I added some extra trees in the background behind the barn in the right. It needed some contrast. The barn roof was pretty much the same value as the sky. A l lot of fun to do.

Here's a pic I took of it in mid-stage. Still very loose. I'm trying to get the correct value of the roof on the right. Ugg. Very subtle, but still not correct. Also, I'm adding diff values to the trees to show depth.

Winter Farm (The beginning)

Here's the beginning of a new oil painting. I know we are still in fall, but I can feel winter right around the corner. I always like to start off loose and then keep tightening as I go along. Thought I would share. Look for more stages of this painting soon.

Purple Hills

Here's a new oil. 6x6". This one took a while. I spent a bunch of days working on the purple hills. I tried to work with glazes and layers. Letting them dry and then adding more thin layers. It was a fun experiment. 


Below is how it looked when I started. I'm a messy painter.