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Red hake, Urophycis chuss


Note: We used the Pacific whiting illustration for both it and Silver hake. You may wish to start by referring back to that image:


Description from FishBase:


Morphology | Morphometrics

Dorsal spines (total): 0; Anal spines: 0. First dorsal fin ray elongated. Pelvic fins also reaching about the anal fin origin. Body color variable, reddish to olive brown dorsally, sometimes very dark or mottled; lower sides paler, sometimes with dusky dots; belly and underside of the head pale. A dusky blotch present on the opercle. The fins are generally dark, except for the pelvic fins, which are pale.

Description from Wikipedia:

Depending on the environment, red hake vary in color. Most tend to be a reddish brown to olive-brown color on their sides with pale tan spots. Underneath, they vary in shades of white. Red hake have a barbel on their chin as they are a member of the cod family. Their dorsal fin is triangular, but their second dorsal and anal fins are long, continuous, and do not attach to the tail fin, much like an eel. The head is small, but has a large mouth with many small teeth.[2]


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