Northern California

New oil Painting. 8"x10". This was done from a photo taken by my sister in Northern California.

Sketches in Italy

Here are some recent sketches and photos from my trip to Italy. What a beautiful country.

New Barn Painting

This was done from a friends photo. It's a barn in New Zealand. Painting this was like doing a puzzle. Lots of different colors and shapes.

Covered Bridge

This is from a photo I took in West Va. last winter. Finally got around to painting it. Originally it had a barn in the background, but it wasn't working for me, so I painted over it. I like it better with out the little barn in the distance. Done in oil, 6"x6".

Mr. Beluga

New Beluga illustration for NOAA. Done in PS with my trusty Wacom.

Ski Jumper

Here's a new one for a sports magazine. A story about a dad who followed his dream to be a ski jumper.

Dog Trainer

Here's a new illustration for a dog magazine on how NOT to train your dog.

Illustration for Marriage Magazine

This one was for a story on marriage and how couples handle the first few years of marriage. What kind of positives and negatives they run into. Always great working with Susan Crocrete.

Mountain Farm

Here's a new one. 6"x6" Oil painting. For this one, I really tried to look at the shapes abstractly. The main thing was to get the values correct. A lot of fun to do. Look for more soon. Thanks!

Just an apple

I thought I would put this up. I think it came out pretty good. It was the first still life I have done in oils in years and really a lot of fun. Look for more fruits and veggies to show up here soon. 

Sunset Barn

Here's a new oil painting. Size 6"x6" This was done down in Scotland, Maryland. Below are some photos I took.

Winter Farm

Here's an oil painting I did of an old farm in the winter. 6"x6"

Abbott Henderson Thayer

Yesterday, I was at the National Gallery here in DC. They have a show of some of the recently acquired paintings from the Corcoran Collection. There was one there that blew me away. A painting by Abbott Henderson Thayer. This is one he painted of Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire. He did a bunch of paintings of this mountain. Up close it really is a beautiful piece. Very loose, great colors and lots of layering. Kinda reminded me of the artist Douglas Fryer or Michael Workman.